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Pantry Organizing Tips

Here are a few tips to help you organize your pantry.

1. Make sure that every item that is stored is clearly visible and easily accessible.

2. The cans in the pantry should have visible labels.

3. Use added shelves, straw baskets, adjustable racks, pegboards, dividers for the cookie sheets, pull-out drawers, and other things that could help keep your pantry organized.

4. You could also put something like a “guest shelf”. Put here food items such as dip sauces, pate, and other items that you would serve to unexpected guests. There should be available ready-to-heat food items, such as stews, chili, or soup when you want to have a quick supper.

5. Place a pencil and paper or a chalk and blackboard near your pantry so that you can have a list of the items that you need to buy when supplies are running low.

6. Heavy and large items should be out of immediate reach for purposes of safety, especially for children.

7. If there is a ladder or step stool near your pantry, make sure that they have handles attached for you to hold on to. Make sure the ladder or stool is safe and sturdy.

8. In the pantry, put overhead lighting for easier visibility.

9. See which food products you usually use. Consider purchasing bulk sizes of them to save more money.

10. Store rice, cereal, noodles, as well as other kinds of dried food items in containers or glass jars that are clearly labeled.

11. Remove items from your pantry that are just sitting there for a long time.

12. Consider putting in a refreshment area. Store tea bags, coffeepot, cups, glasses, among other items, together.

13. The edges of the pantry should be free from food items to keep them from dropping or falling off.

14. Put an additional shelf for your cookbooks. Organize your cookbooks.

15. You might want open shelves that do not have doors. This might be great too, considering the fact that the open shelves let you see everything immediately. You might want to paint a pegboard as additional art decor.

16. If you prefer open shelves, it would be nicer to use more decorative jars or jars that have decorative lids.

17. To store your bread, buy a bread box that offers additional décor or accent to your pantry.

18. A bigger pantry can store large appliance items such as a bread machine or food processor.

20. Organize your pantry while keeping the person who uses it most in your mind.


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