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Golf Club 101

Should one decide to play golf, the essential thing that a person needs is a set of golf clubs. Most people who are not sure whether to invest more in the game prefer to borrow a set provided by the club or buy a used one. A person can acquire a second hand set from a golf specialty store or buy it from a professional golfer who may want to sell the used set to buy a new one.

When that person feels that one is ready to get serious with the sport, the individual may now decide to buy a brand new one. Here are some tips one should know when learning how to play golf and choosing a set of clubs:

1. There are many brands of golf clubs available. Before buying one, it is best to feel the grip of each so one can choose the right set that the person will be comfortable with while playing in the green.

2. Shafts come in different lengths which are determined by the height of the person. If one is unsure of which is the correct one for the individual, it is best to ask the assistance of the salesperson. 3. A little knowledge of the various clubs will help a person in choosing one even if these are usually sold in sets. A typical set of irons that a person can buy are numbered from 3 to 9 and includes a pitching wedge.

4. Another thing a person needs to play golf is a putter. Just like choosing the right set, the person should feel the grip and how comfortable it is from the brands available in the specialty store before buying it.

5. Errant shots are some things that can’t be helped, especially in the sport of golf. This is the reason why the person should be familiar with the various club designs since some clubs have made restrictions on this.

Bladed clubs are the most recommended for golfers since it gives better precision in every shot that takes skilled hands to accomplish.

6. To maintain the golf clubs, it is best to use a wire brush or a small towel to keep these in good condition.

7. A person needs golf balls to putt into the hole. If one is just getting into the game, it is advisable to buy a cheap set of balls first rather than an expensive one since some shots might fall into the water or in the forest that will just get lost which is just like throwing money into the air.


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