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Five Tips For Greenhorn Party Planners

Party planning has never been more professional than at this point in time. Because of this, more people are turning to professional party planners to make sure their events are a success. Party planners are becoming so in demand and necessary in the social circles, thus elevating the party planning sector to industry status.

If you are a novice in planning a party, then you are better off hiring the services of a party planner. This way, you will be able to host the party successfully, without the additional stress that comes with planning of a party. Party planners are paid either on a percentage basis (depending on the amount you spend for the party), on a per hour basis (the total amount of time she spent organizing your party), or on a fixed rate basis or flat rate.

If you do not have the budget for a party planner, and you want to try your skills in party planning, then at least know what it takes to plan a basic party.

1. Determine the type of party you want to have. Your planning will be based on what kind of party you are going to throw. Parties can be thrown for any reason such as a shower party for the arrival of a new baby, a Thanksgiving party come November, a birthday party, or just about any occasion you can think of.

2. What is your Budget? Once you know the kind of party you are going to have, prepare a budget, or how much you are willing to spend for the party. If you want to keep the expenses low, then perhaps you can just hold it in your home or in the backyard if it is a casual party. If you have a bigger amount to spend, then you can hold it in a hotel or any paid venue.

3. Decide on the party theme. A party's success will partly be determined by the ambiance you will present to the guests. Take note that guests usually attend a party because they want to have fun. If you have chosen the right theme for the party, it will affect the guests' perception and attitude from the moment they arrive at your chosen location.

4. Make a checklist of all the things needed for the party. Never forget to send the invitations. But first, you must have a guest list. Would you prefer a party where everyone knows each other by first name, or would you prefer a bigger guest list? These are important questions that you have to address at least a month before the date of your party.

5. Make sure you can cook well, or if not, better to avail of catering services. Don't forget, good food is equal to good party reviews.


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