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Prepare Your Party!

Preparing your party can be a roller coaster ride of emotions for you. Excitement, nervousness, intimidation, insecurities, low confidence, name it, it is a mix of emotions.

But in this endeavor, you have to cool down, chew everything and think. You have to start somewhere to get there on that day of the party. You can start at your house and begin cleaning it. Do not be overwhelmed because you do not have to clean the whole thing, scrub all the windows and be dustfree here and there.

After all, no one will notice the little cobwebs you hide, the dust in bins because everybody is busy socializing and the ambiance will be dark and only the candles will be lit. But if there is one thing that is needed to be cleaned in your house that is your bathroom or known as the powder room.

Your powder room should be in the most presentable condition because this is what people are very sensitive about. Fresh hand towels or tissues should always be available, fancy soaps must be in the soap dish for added attraction, dried flowers to adorn the room, miniature pictures to divert attention from dirt and air freshener or potpourri to keep the room smelling fresh.

From what you have learned in other parties, interviews with friends, tips from experts and researches, you are fully ready to take on the challenge of organizing you own.

To start off your work, you have to prepare the setting or the venue of the party. This would involve cleaning, decorating, putting the place into mood and add music to it. It is important to be creative at all times.

Second, do your research. Know who has allergies in your guest lists, the best time to schedule for the party, usually Saturdays and not during the time of exams.

Third, you should settle the budget for your party and make sure to spend within your range. You will be in a disaster if you exceed and do not know what to do.

Drinks are another issue you have to sort out. Would you allow alcoholic drinks at your party, to whom will you serve them? If not, decide earlier so that you would not have to prepare and serve it.

Menus are the winner in the party so you have to decide on the dishes very well. They should be tasty, great and well presented.

Lastly, a birthday cake should be decided and planned well too.


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